Risks taken by the home circle...

The Lodge circle was set up over ten years ago and was first held in my garden shed, with just a few friends sitting together.  These friends were mainly well known to me and had been visiting my home socially over a number of years prior, although very soon a few new people came along to join us. 

Sitting as a group within my garden shed was one thing but, with nature being what it is, there was a requirement for me to allow them access to in-house toilet facilities. The group also met together within my home upon their arrival, and shared refreshments there before leaving.  This meant that I was effectively inviting strangers into my home and offering them the run of the place.  My husband wasn't happy about this, as within our home we left valuables lying around, as most families do. 

It wasn't very long before I also realised that, as a result of sitting for meditation and to share the intent to support spiritual healing, or encourage spiritual development I was often seated alone in either the shed or my home with a total stranger.  It also soon became apparent that those seeking spiritual healing can often demonstrate the need for emotional support.  The love-based spiritual energy itself can unfamiliarly encourage a bond to be felt between strangers.  In consequence deeply entrenched personal secrets can become shared and barriers between strangers can fall.

These described risk factors haven't 'gone away'.  The risk elements continue.  My husband and I have learned to protect our home as best we can and I use internet facilities to check the credentials of potential sitters in advance of them being invited to attend.  Most people who contact me can be traced through Facebook or a simple Google search.  Further, within a public place, I meet with most potential sitters in advance of them receiving an invitation.  That's just how it is. 

I host the Bristol Spirit Lodge circle within my own home, so I need to take precautions.  Why wouldn't I?  For, not only am I placing myself at some personal risk from someone intending to act falsely when invited into my home...I also host a Circle within which the medium works within an altered state of consciousness, sometimes even within a totally unconscious state.  If I fail to act responsibly when it comes to personal security how can I demonstrate my ability to protect those whose development I sit to support?

The upholding of the basic precautions taken to protect my home offers a foundation for the complex building blocks of care and security required by the designated developing medium.