Are you recieving me?

I was chatting amongst a group of people last evening and within the conversation one lady gave a small shudder at the thought of the potential reality of mediumship...and of physical mediumship in particular.  I asked her what she felt was 'scary' about it.
She replied that she didn't think she'd like to be sitting listening to discarnate voices.  I asked her why this was, as she was talking to me...and we were, at the time, sitting and chatting, having not known each other before this meeting.  It wasn't as if my voice was familiar to her.  Our voices were effectively 'causing' a vibration of air that affected each others ear drums.  This idea gave her food for thought...and she went on to say that she could not only hear me, but see me too.  She felt she'd be nervous, talking to people that she was unable to see.  I asked whether she felt such nervousness when speaking on the telephone.  She replied that, on the 'phone, she knows that there's a 'real person' at the other end of the line. 

She then asked why 'they' (the apparently deceased) would want to talk to us.  I replied that I feel 'they' are in fact 'like us' in more ways than simply their voices...because they lived as we now live, they remain like 'us'.  In fact I feel they are as much 'like us' as ever they were...and that not only are they like us, but we are like them.
I explained how I feel...that when we sit in séance, those 'on the other side' sit similarly...and between us we are all probably managing something like a spiritual telephone exchange...