The key

I was chatting with a group of like minded people yesterday.  We were discussing what might be the 'best way' to begin a development circle.  We exchanged suggestions amongst ourselves, offering learned experiences as regular sitters and established circle leaders. 

This morning I was browsing Facebook and noticed a comment made by Robin Foy (founder of The Scole Experiment).  His comment hit the nail on the head.... "Your Spirit Team know the needs and possibilities of and for your group to give you the best chance of excellent and evidential phenomena."

So many circles begin by 'learning' through having taken training or development courses.  When in fact Robin's words describe the situation perfectly.  Sitting with trust in your spirit teams guidance is surely the key.

One and All

One of the greatest gifts that you can bestow upon an individual is to exist as an individual.
Celebrate differences and enjoy experiences shared together from an individual perspective.

Sock it to 'em!

When admiring the socks worn by others, always remember to walk in your own!
Even if they are mismatched and have holes!