Thought provoking gifts

We currently have a break in our regular séance routine as three are away, one of them off sick.  So, rather than spread the bug through the rest of us we've taken a few nights off.
This caused me to consider 'sick notes' and 'Get Well Soon' cards...well wishes and thoughtful gifts.

Mindful of this, and with Christmas ahead, I realised that my personal choice of gifts has become changed in recent years, for prior to my developing an interest in spiritual matters I would have chosen perfume or jewellery as being top ranking presents for myself, if asked.

Nowadays I prefer to receive meaningful trinkets or thought provoking ornaments. Others within the circle prefer to receive candles, crystals or incense.  These links offer further ideas for consideration:
Crystal skulls
Party table decorations
Shell and pearl

Another friend likes to make small personalised cushions as gifts, she uses fabric scraps and soft fibre filling that's safe for children:
Microfibre filling

Microfibre can be used in many ways...reliant only upon imagination!

Something to be proud of...

Lions, working together, are rightly referred to as a Pride