Damage reduction

I have a brilliant idea!  We can solve the problem of sporting injuries entirely!  There will be no further physical injuries on the field or in the training ground.  There will be less injuries in the stands and less requirement for policing.  There will be less trickery, fancy footwork and slight of hand.
This initiative has the added bonus incentive of curtailing false insurance claims! 

Although the success of established methodology has been well documented, people have been using their arms and legs for centuries when participating in sporting activities, so now is the time to put a stop to the damage caused by these limbs, and find new ways of demonstrating prowess that are far better for all. 
We shall get together and amputate the limbs of our players and supporters! 

Sign here if you agree...whilst holding your pen in your mouth...  

Thought provoking gifts

We currently have a break in our regular séance routine as three are away, one of them off sick.  So, rather than spread the bug through the rest of us we've taken a few nights off.
This caused me to consider 'sick notes' and 'Get Well Soon' cards...well wishes and thoughtful gifts.

Mindful of this, and with Christmas ahead, I realised that my personal choice of gifts has become changed in recent years, for prior to my developing an interest in spiritual matters I would have chosen perfume or jewellery as being top ranking presents for myself, if asked.

Nowadays I prefer to receive meaningful trinkets or thought provoking ornaments. Others within the circle prefer to receive candles, crystals or incense.  These links offer further ideas for consideration:
Crystal skulls
Party table decorations
Shell and pearl

Another friend likes to make small personalised cushions as gifts, she uses fabric scraps and soft fibre filling that's safe for children:
Microfibre filling

Microfibre can be used in many ways...reliant only upon imagination!

Penny drops

I had a dream last night.  A sheet of glass had been placed in front of a medium to form a screen. 
The medium remained seated in the cabinet with the screen in front.  The cabinet curtains were then opened and closed when a bell was rung by the 'entranced' medium within the cabinet.  This set up was said to be in place to 'protect the medium'.  But it also enabled the medium to literally conjure up the 'phenomena' at a comfortable pace without risk of discovery.

Later the same night I had a second dream. I had then been thinking about a decision I need to make, so when within my dream I saw a coin being tossed, I felt that it was time now to make that decision. 

Often I find that when I toss a coin to decide between two options, my mind is hoping for the coin to fall in a certain direction, which offers me my answer before its observed landing. 
However, on this occasion, I considered that the two dreams might be connected.  Basically, there are occasionally times when the mind just knows, before the dropping penny is seen by all.

Feeling fine

I have just been caused to consider the nature of energy. 

I have learned that when making spiritual connections healing can become received.  Indeed such phenomena has become witnessed by many.  I have also learned that, whilst healing someone, a medium might temporarily experience another persons symptoms.  Often this is accepted as being evidential of the spiritual connection, and of developmental validation. 

Within the séance room here in the Lodge I have noticed the energetic connections to be profound.
Often sitters need time to adjust to their individuality after a séance.  Sometimes as one person stands another feels the 'wave' and involuntarily sways.  I personally, often, walk across the room with one hand upon the wall to steady myself.  One might say that we appear to have been strongly imbibing the spirits!

I feel certain that those who sit within such an environment with dedicated regularity must 'pick up' residual connections that remain when they have physically parted.  We have all felt such continuing spiritual connections I think?  So...I was wondering whether it might be a good idea to occasionally take a break, take time out, to re-connect with 'self'.  Both in order to stand alone...for it is the purpose of life that we experience individuality.  But also to 'shake off' any residual energetic connections that might be uncomfortable or unhealthy, for surely when one shares personal energy within a spiritual context this is a real consideration, not to be fearful of, but to be aware of?   I've never been one to focus upon such things as 'chakra clearing'...but something like this might be worth considering occasionally.

Something to be proud of...

Lions, working together, are rightly referred to as a Pride