It's not cricket

I remember Dad returning from a local cricket match bemoaning the falling standards of the game.  Then, when watching a professional match, he was critical of the behaviour of some players who, he said, failed to demonstrate team spirit, and their performance within the game made them unworthy of his support.

Sometimes I find myself becoming similarly disenchanted by matters surrounding my own subject of interest.  When falsehoods are deliberately demonstrated, which cause the truth to become doubted.  Some of these falsehoods being a simple slight of hand, or word from mouth, possibly for no reason aside from a personal desire for amusement.  Other deceptions are demonstrated for financial gain and cloaked within a mistaken belief that it's ok to 'pad' the truth when ability or circumstance prevents the honest demonstration of spiritually effected phenomena.  At the end of the day, demonstrations of genuine physical mediumship are becoming increasingly difficult to discover.

That's not all that I find disheartening though.  When mediumship has become developed that offers true evidence of survival, it seems then to be accompanied by a desire to create standards by which to measure the ability of others. Then too, 'outsiders' get on the band wagon, attracted by an offered opportunity to make gains for themselves through the promotion and encouragement of group ethics. Ego feeding upon ego. 

So, for a moment I feel disheartened.  It is a good thing that a moment is what it is, just a miniscule 'blip' in the continuum of time.  For in the next moment all is well. 


Last evening my husband and I went to the Hippodrome to see a play.  
Returning to the car park we, along with many others, headed for the pay kiosk.  Nearby, on the ground sat a girl, aged about twenty.  She had glazed eyes and bruises to her arms and face.  She was dressed in jeans, with several layers of socks and jumpers and a knitted hat. 
This is England and for many, like this girl, there is no safe place.  She doesn't have the references nor the money for a deposit to rent a place, and she isn't going to get herself fit for employment unless she has a safe place within which to recover from her present state of existence. 

In this country we are encouraged to help others, based upon reciprocation.  You help someone, they repay you or help you in return.  'I owe you one' and 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine'.  Yet this leaves people like this girl without help...because she cannot possibly repay what may be given to her.  She needs 'too much' we walk away.
Help for the homeless

Eureka moment!

This morning I was reading an article about Homeopathy.  Now, on a personal level, I've come to consider it likely that the process of homeopathic medicines, which involves vibration and intent, might 'work' on a spiritual a way we have yet to understand of course...

This is a section taken from the article I read this morning:
There are experiments showing that homeopathic thyroxine can alter the rate of metamorphosis of tadpoles into frogs, that homeopathic histamine can alter the activity of white blood cells, and that under the right conditions, homeopathic sodium chloride can be made to release light in the same way as normal sodium chloride. The idea that such highly-diluted preparations are not only still active, but retain characteristics of the original substances, may seem impossible, but these kinds of results show it's a demonstrable fact.

Last night in the séance room sitters witnessed changes within the atmosphere.  Patches of light...and of luminescence.  It's just dawned on me...vibration...heat...salt...light!
Link: Science

Intelligence is evidence

I remember when attending my first physical séance as a devout sceptic, how I came away wanting to discover 'how' the physical phenomena I'd witnessed had become effected.  I wanted to find out whether what I had witnessed was 'really real'...or not.  At a personal level, I needed to learn 'from scratch'...I didn't want to come into someone else's experiment part way through. I wanted to learn what was within the foundations, not just to see the rise of a building that already had several floors built.  Hence the founding of the Lodge project.

Not everyone attending a physical séance reacts as I did.  Many cannot believe what they see, or cannot understand the potential of what they are seeing, so do not question and investigate further.  Many visit séances wanting to 'feel the presence of spirit' or wanting to receive a message of confirmation from a 'deceased' relative, that will prove the continuation of life.  This mind set is limiting. 

Frankly, from a personal point of view, I'm about as sensitive as a brick, and have many 'busy' thoughts within my mind as a constant.  So if the criteria for the measurement of truth was that I felt spiritual presence within that first séance, then I'd not be doing what I do now.  Had a message be offered 'from my mother' I'd have felt it most likely that the séance organisers had been doing a bit of earth-life research...rather than that my mother was experiencing continuation of her life.

No, it isn't those things that led me to start my own investigations.  It was something else.  It was something akin to watching the following video...which clearly shows that some animals have an intelligence that is generally unrecognised.  Yet, once seen, surely opens the mind to consider the matter of intellect further...
Honey Badger

Then, upon further investigation we find that slime mould, which is an amoebic substance, apparently without a brain cell, demonstrates intelligence...
Slime Mould (simple description)

Many attending a physical mediumship séance witness evidential physical phenomena and simply discredit it, for they do not recognise the 'disembodied' intelligence within the demonstration. 
Unlike the Honey Bear video, which the human brain can readily accept after viewing, the intellect demonstrated within the formation and behaviour of slime mould is overlooked, for its form is most generally regarded as simple goo.  The display of intelligence demonstrated by slime mould doesn't usually inspire the minds curiosity. 
Similarly, within the seance room the mind finds it difficult to accept that demonstrated intelligence is itself evidential of continuing life and consciousness.