Over the weekend I went along to meet a guy I'd not met before.  I'd heard that he had been working within the spiritual movement for many years and held an interest in physical mediumship.  Indeed, upon my arrival he mentioned the subject openly when within the group.

Later on, during a quiet period, I approached him and asked directly about his interest in physical mediumship. At this point he withdrew, saying that it was something that he no longer has time for.  After just one sentence of direct enquiry his manner made it clear to me that the subject was closed.  Such a reaction was in direct opposition to his manner previously, when within the room he had been declaring his widely varied spiritual interest openly within easy-flowing conversation.

As a result of his reaction to my enquiry, my curiosity caused me to wonder whether this gentleman might have experienced some negative aspect of the subject, and whether he had become disheartened.  Indeed of late, there has been much within the spiritualist movement to become disheartened about...if one has a mind to consider the negative aspect of what appears to me to be a cleansing process that will ultimately benefit all.

I feel a little disappointed that I have been unable to share meaningful conversation with a like minded person...on the other hand I can only hope that by bringing the subject to the fore, if only briefly, I may be one amongst many others who might re-awaken his dormant interest in a subject that offers so much to those who share within it.  

On the other hand, perhaps being faced by my question has caused him to reaffirm his personal decision to take a break.  For whether one travels the path of mediumship or not is a choice. Mediums are not controlled, or possessed. Mediums have choice. 

P' taking?

I was wondering about how sitter scepticism can affect the demonstration of physical mediumship.
I have witnessed a situation where a nervous medium, aware of sitter scepticism, has found it difficult to relax in the manner necessary for trance induction. 
I have also heard sitters voicing their scepticism, having not yet experienced mediumship that has been sufficiently convincing for themselves.

However, surely, it is the purpose and intent of the professionally demonstrating medium to offer evidence of soul survival.  It is this evidence that is being sought by those attending a public demonstration. 

The medium, upon standing to offer evidence of continuing life, is surely aware of the scepticism or doubt within the minds of attending sitters?  Surely, within their period of development along with their spirit team, prior to their standing to demonstrate professionally they have learned how to manage such energetic fluctuations? 
If a medium is indeed unable to demonstrate evidence of soul survival to an audience not yet believing, then surely the medium is not ready, being ill-prepared, to demonstrate to the fee paying public? 

I am not saying that each professional medium should be able to offer proof of soul survival to each and every sitter present.  For in any case not all sitters are emotionally prepared to receive such evidence were that to be given.  But, for a medium to offer sitter scepticism as a reason for a poor 'performance' is simply taking the p*** out of the fee paying public.

An Alice moment

Walking along the river bank, there was no-one else around.  So I stopped to pick some long dried they look good in my brown jug vase, along with a small bunch of silk poppies. 
As I moved through the grass a small white 'something' caught my eye as it moved beneath a thorn bush.  I stood still, as although I have seen baby rabbits in this area, this one was potentially, perhaps, it was someone's lost pet.  I'd stood for a short time and was about to move on when I saw it again!  This time very clearly...a piece of tissue hanging from a thorn! 

It is so easy isn't it, within the séance room, and within everyday life, to feel excitement about something half-seen.  Something, or someone, we know just a little about, holds our interest, until we learn more.  There are times, of course, when a piece of tissue is useful, and it might in fact be exactly what we need...but not when we are intent upon hoping to find a white rabbit.

Taking care...

I have recently had a face-off with a circle leader friend who I have great respect for.  However, as human beings of similarly independent mindset, we hold slightly differing opinions.  Our face-off began when she commented that I am “precious” about the Lodge project and “over-protective” of the mediums I support. 

She hosts an open circle, within which both psychic and trance mediumship are demonstrated by visiting mediums.  I, of course, host private closed seances wherein a designated medium sits with dedication for the intended development and demonstration of evidential physical mediumship.

I argued that as one of the mediums I support works within a semi-conscious state of awareness, whilst holding energetic connections to others within the room, therefore, should a sitter sit with intent to disrupt the séance the whole purpose of sitting would be negated, for disruption would cause discomfort to the medium and bring a close to the event.

The second medium I support is totally unconscious whilst working. Therefore her trust in the spirit team and supporting sitters is of paramount importance. All those present share a duty of care, just as any reasonable person would when in the presence of an unconscious person. Again, any sitter intent upon disruption would cause the séance to be closed.
All sitters attending the Lodge séances are expected to follow the spirit teams instructions, as well as my own (as circle leader and host) and at all times, and to show respect for the circle intent both for the developmental intent and for the safety and welfare of the mediums. I “precious” about the Lodge project and over-protective of the mediums I support?  
Possibly.  But, if so, I'm happy to admit it! 

Spook Fest'

Yesterday we held a Spooks Fest' BBQ in the Lodge garden.  I've never seen so much food consumed by twenty-two people in my life...many of them will be waddling around for days to come!
We'd designated a few concrete slabs as a stage area, and I'd dug out an old amplifier from the depth of my wardrobe. 
Emily was the first to take to the stage to sing with the seagulls...and true to form this entertainment was enjoyed by all.  Jon was next, and as he picked up his guitar further smiles became shared.  Later a singalong session encouraged audience participation, with Gina and Margaret performing renditions of familiar cockney songs...again along with three accompanying seagulls!
Perhaps Teddie, Babs and Joy : )
As the dusk drew towards dark, with high spirits a group of about a dozen took themselves into the living room for an impromptu table tipping session.  This enabled a special message to be received by one gentleman, which was a true pleasure for all to share. 
The following morning I was delighted to hear from him again as he offered his thoughts about this experience...
Audio: Table tipping...personal experience.
PS: The bubble machine was a huge I recommend it here to anyone setting up garden their own parties through the summer Bubble machine


I have been thinking!  I guess I should at this point suggest that readers wear safety goggles and crash helmets!  However, I shall refrain from doing so and leave common sense to prevail.

When sitting in the séance room in the blackout séances I am always amazed at how much can become seen.  There are often patches of faintly luminescent fog, in various colours.  Some quite brightly glowing, others morphing, sometimes creating web-like structures.  These 'forms' are multi-various in presentation, and fascinating to watch.

Giving further consideration to this I have looked to find clues as to what is being observed.
Here I offer some of these 'clues'...which may or may not be relevant in fact!
Slime mould intelligence
Mould and fungi growth

These things considered, I feel them to be worthy of further thought, but they do not in themselves offer 'an answer' to what I am seeing within the séance room.  Clearly a great deal further experimentation and research is required!  Which is great!  I love sitting in séance and can now consider myself to be carrying out scientific research  : )

Possession of life

Yesterday I met with a gentleman who asked whether I thought that mediumship was a form of mental illness or psychic possession.  He asked this question with intelligent consideration, rather than criticism.
It is a question that is often asked in fact, mainly because mediumship is not understood by those who haven't consciously become aware of their own connection with those experiencing life in the spirit world.  Once such connection is realised understanding follows.

As an analogy, those living in the UK who have been born here and grown up with an acceptance of the weather, traffic, TV, mobile phones, plentiful water, readily available changes of clothing, often wasteful eating habits and so forth are to a large extent unaware of the reality of other lives being lived 'alongside' our own.  Their lives are not something we feel to be a part of.  Yet we are in fact all part of the same existence...
Thinking now of others living within our world...those most generally unseen except briefly on the telly...if we communicated with them, if we talked to them perhaps, unseen but heard upon the 'phone, might we then be asked whether we are mentally ill, or even whether we might be 'possessed' by them?  Of course not!  Communication between those experiencing different lifestyles and life forms can only open up a better understanding of what life, as a whole, involves.

Weight Watchers BBQ

I'm having a BBQ at the weekend and was pondering on the value of sharing food and socialising.  Humans are, in general, considered to be social animals, despite the fact that many people I know would prefer to avoid social events if they could do so without appearing rude.

BBQ's are generally focussed around the grilling of meat too...which is another area that is of debateable choice.  I know several attending the BBQ are vegetarian in fact, so we'll be grilling some grains!

I have to say though that I'm enjoying the preparation of the event.  I'm into coloured table cloths and the BBQ will probably look more like a garden party!

There is however one element that should please most of those that has been invited along...

Offering you a toast

Today is another may appear to be like many others, but in fact it has never been experienced in quite the same way before.

It's rather like a loaf of bread.  Although slices look to be no different one from another, in fact no two slices are identical and any additions or alterations will make a difference.

Whatever you 'do' with yours, enjoy it if you can, but if your day is turning out to be the equivalent of burned toast, be assured that tomorrow will offer a fresh slice.

Have a rice day : )

I was contacted yesterday by a small circle of people who are setting themselves up to investigate the potential reality of continuing life after physical death...which is in fact how the Lodge project became founded ten years ago.  They, like 'us' back then, are carrying out various experiments...their current focus being upon the work of Masaru Emoto.
Water crystals

We, in the Lodge, had carried out similar experiments for ourselves, which we found interesting at the time, for many reasons.

I began by boiling rice...whilst at the same time boiling five glass jars to sterilise them.  I then carefully measured equal amounts of boiled rice into the jars before sealing them.  Taking these into the Circle I asked friends to write emotive words onto sticky labels, which they placed upon the jars.  The jars were then put in a row on a shelf, with spaces between them, the spaces defined by sheets of card.

After a three weeks a few of the jars showed discolouration of the rice.  A few weeks after this the experiment, for me, became interesting.  There was then only one glass jar containing pure white rice...the other five were discoloured.  The jar containing the clean rice had LOVE written upon it...but the jar was placed at the end of the rank and was furthest away from a light source.  Two other jars appeared identical in their mild discolouration.  They had the words SMILE and STORM written on them.  A discussion ensued, about whether the word Storm carried a negative or positive intent...for storms may be violent, but carry cleansing qualities.  Everyone present (myself excluded from this debate) decided that, because 'Smile' showed the same slight discolouration, this must mean that 'Storm' was a 'positive' word, it being reasoned that it carried cleansing intent.
The rice showing the most discolouration had the words HATE and ANGER written on them.  Now, it seems to me that the word ANGER has a similar connotation to STORM...for 'Anger' can also carry a cleansing quality.  However, as the rice with the 'Hate' word was strongly discoloured, the group decided that the word 'Anger' was a 'negative' word...this meaning, they felt, was actually confirmed by the discolouration of the rice.

The experiment as a whole was interesting.  As with all scientific investigation it became clear the results become affected in accordance with your own viewpoint, belief and understanding.  It is also apparent that although your personal understanding may hold firm, the considered outcome will be affected by the opinions of those around you, for seldom is an experiment carried out by a single person, whose considered opinion would in any case be personally biased.

It's not just about socks!

On Friday I visited Irene, who has two young children.  I knew her sister to be in hospital as a result of pregnancy complications, and knew that Irene has her two nieces staying with her until the new baby arrives. Therefore I wasn't surprised to find her standing at her kitchen table trying to pair up a huge pile of small socks!

I am pretty good with colour matching, so I took over the job, whilst Irene put the kettle on.  I had matched seven pairs before I realised that in fact one pair was mis-matched. There was a subtle difference in the shade of one sock when compared with the other.  Later I discovered that another pair were also mis-matched, as the bright bands around the tops were of different widths.  When I expressed my frustration to Irene she said that in fact the socks had been sourced from the same place and sold as a pair, so she couldn't understand why one sock would be brighter or vary one from the other in their design.

The children in Irene's care don't care whether their socks match or not, and to be honest they haven't the experience to notice such things.  Nor does it matter of course...not when we're dealing with socks.

However, when in the séance room it is important to take notice of what I shall now refer to as being mismatched socks. 

For instance, in the seance room, when a small bright light is seen by all witnesses present, it is important to notice whether the light is being spiritually demonstrated, or whether what is being seen is a small light leakage from an electrical device. 
When a dark mask appears across the face of the medium it is important to check the possibility that it may be a shadow cast by a lamp, or the movement of a sitter.
Let's face it...ectoplasm can look very much like polyester fibre, and visa versa...should anyone wish to pull the wool, or fibre, over your eyes!

Logical thought must be applied.  Critical appraisal must take place once evidence becomes presented. Not just the first time, but every time.  For those seeking the truth, for those seeking evidence of survival in its purest and honest form, critical appraisal of detail is essential.

You can do it!

Yesterday I was shopping to find a dress, and then found two!  Feeling unable to choose between them, I bought both. 

Upon returning home I tried them on and found them to be too long.  I knew that the material, being silky, would be difficult to cut straight and also difficult to sew using my old sewing I called a friend and asked for her help to shorten my dresses by a few inches.  I knew from past conversations that she sews well, has a top notch sewing machine, and has also worked professionally.  So when she willingly offered to help me out I felt grateful and confident in her ability.  I packed up my dresses and hastened around to her house. 

To cut a long story short, for close to an hour I helped her to measure, pin and cut the first dress, before she took it into another room, where the sewing machine was set up.  I cut the second dress myself and within a few minutes joined her.  I saw that her machine was no more up to date than my own...and it was soon proven to be equally temperamental.  I assisted her to make a stitch choice and aided her choice of tension setting.  After awhile, having decided to use a simple zig-zag stitch, the hemlines of the two dresses were successfully completed. 

It's fine...the two dresses are ready to wear now and I feel grateful for her willingness to offer support.  However...I now know that I could have done the same job myself, had I not believed that she could have done it better.  Feeling that she could do a better job than me, led me to set aside a challenge that was potentially my own to be experienced.

Further, my reason for believing that she could do a better job, and that she had abilities greater than my own, was that during previous conversations she had told me this, many times.