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Transfiguration as I see it...

I have recently been considering the subject of transfiguration, in all its forms.  I remember many years ago sitting in support of two developing physical mediums, who were both at that time demonstrating this form of phenomena.  One enabled the demonstration of many flickering faces, some recognised fleetingly by witnessing sitters.  The other medium presented the appearance of fewer faces, with these presentations remaining in place for an extended period.  Many faces were recognised as presenting similarly over a period of many months, offering evidence of an intelligent consciousness behind the energy manipulation. 

I recall that 'back then' several sitters recognised the presented faces and physical mannerisms of their deceased loved ones.  In fact, one lady wrote a book about her experience after witnessing this within the Lodge environment.  (ISBN: 9781291088212).

In those days we tried often to capture photographs of the presenting phenomena, without success.  When discussing the situation with the spirit team at the time, it was explained to us that 'they' need to develop their own experience in order to move with the times.  Historically some wonderfully evidential photographs have been captured using the photographic paraphernalia of the time, within gas or candle lighting.  Nowadays lighting is brighter and effected in many different forms.  Radio and other energetic waves abound which where unheard of in the past.  The spirit world has to evolve it's own technological experience if it is to enable photographic evidence to be captured in modern times.

Several years passed with transfiguration phenomena becoming presented in the Lodge with increasing clarity through several different mediums. However, there remained a lack of photographic evidence of this until a few years ago.

Currently I support two mediums here in the Lodge.  One sits only within clear red-light lighting conditions. The other sits in both blackout and red light. With both mediums some phenomena has now been captured on camera.  This means that the substance has become sufficiently developed to not only be seen by witnesses to distort or obscure the facial features of the medium, but is now 'thick' enough to be captured by the camera.
It is clear to see that one of these photos was taken in red light and the other in dim lighting using some form of night vision camera setting.  Therefore the spirit world, and the development of the mediums, has reached a level whereby the face can be effectively overlaid with substance, with the potential for the recognisable features of loved ones to not only be presented, but for the presentation to become captured using a camera. Surely this form of phenomena goes a long way to offer recordable evidence of survival?
The phenomena is currently being seen as a mask-like coating.  There are often dark or even black patches coating the mediums face (this has also been seen on their hands and arms).  Alternatively, the substance appears as whitish, with a luminosity to it.  Sometimes the appearance has a pink tone, almost skin tone, but again, this too has a luminous quality to it.  It appears often in patches, sometimes in lines or streaks, and sometimes it appears as an over-all moulding.  Often the substances 'slides', which effectively shows me that there is a gap between the mediums own face and the substance itself.  Sometimes the whole face slides to one side of the mediums own, or is seen, oddly, to slide upwards.  Sometimes the face appears streaked, and the substance may slide off, leaving the face clear. 
At first I wasn't certain whether the coating was an extended part of the mediums own skin...that perhaps the skin surface was becoming manipulated.  Such thoughts and questions come naturally, I am here to gather the truth, I have an open mind and wish to learn. 
As development has progressed it is clear that there is often a gap between the skin and the substance, but sometimes the substance seems to be laying upon the skin, without an apparent gap between, in fact I can often see it building upon the mediums arm, face or foot...or upon a nearby surface in fact.

A short update...

I've been on holiday, so this week have been catching up.  It's amazing how, despite regularly using the same lighting equipment and audio recording device within the séance room for the past four years, I nevertheless found myself fumbling with the switches in the dark room after just one week's break from the routine!

Emily (the designated medium last night) was similarly a little fazed, but to be honest this was probably less due to my having had a week off, than with the fact that she'd been asked to wear a simple plain black cotton dress instead of her usual stretchy leggings and T shirt.  She's not used to wearing long skirts and felt as if she was sitting in seance dressed in a nightie!  There was, of course, a very good reason for her change of clothing. 
Emily is sitting for development with intent towards the demonstration of materialisation within the light...and due to the spiritually effected energetic extraction of substance (ectoplasm) her physical body can become dangerously overheated.  She has always avoided wearing excess clothing when sitting for development, and has instead worn a comfortable lightweight outfit, but as the effective extraction of substance has become further developed, so there is now a need for less covering, to allow cooling air flow, and the wearing of 100% cotton breathable fabrics has been suggested for this reason.  The attention to the temperature aspect is, of course, made further critical within the warm summer months. 

Emily's new mode of dress worked very well when trialled.  Sitting with bare arms and shoulders (the dress is sleeveless and has a scooped neckline) meant that when the red light was switched on sitters were able to see a greater expanse of her skin, upon which the extracted substance could be seen to build.  The substance appeared to have a life of it's own, moving and morphing as the density became built.  I personally find ectoplasmic substance fascinating to watch as it is never still, but can be seen to be constantly moving in an animated manner, drifting, condensing, building, and moulding itself to form dense shapes...it is seen as highly active, appearing also to have some intelligent control...just like the living organism that it is.

So...I enjoyed my holiday, I welcomed the week off...but I'm certainly delighted to be back!

It's all go!!!

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Visitor to Beamish

Alan has been wanting to visit Beamish for the past ten years or more, and this week we finally made the journey and spent a few days in the Newcastle/Durham area.  The place we stayed, Farm Park was lovely...and I recommend it to anyone heading 'up north'.  Locally to Farm Park is a pub Marquis of Granby Sunniside, that has new owners, and they are certainly making a good job of it.  The food there was freshly made and absolutely delicious.

Rather than continue in this vein, as I seem to be taking the role of  holiday advisor...I attach a series of photos, which were taken amongst many others whilst visiting Beamish.  I was standing in the doorway of the room, with no-one behind me.  However, as there was a passageway behind me I am open to being mistaken.  My thought though is that if the face seen reflected in the glass was of someone standing behind me...then why is my own face not seen?  If the reflection is of myself then why do 'I' appear in one photo and not another?  There was no-one inside the room, and the doorway within which I was standing was of normal size.  My camera used flash too...which isn't reflected in the glass.  It's simply a little bit of as mystery.

Feeling like Pooh!

Yesterday I heard that the month of June is going to present challenges. 
I'm feeling like Pooh!