Last night I lay in bed with the curtains opened so that I could see the 'Supermoon'
In actual fact the darkness remained with stars and moon remaining unseen.

I knew they were there, stars and Supermoon, but I couldn't see them.  The reason I couldn't see them, although I could see the local street lights which illuminated our garden and local streets, houses, trees and passing cars...all seen from my bedroom window...was because of cloud.

In truth I couldn't actually see the cloud.  I saw only darkness within the area of visible sky. 
Cloud is formed by water vapour, droplets of water and ice crystals.  Water is in fact within the air all around us, and our physical bodies contain a high percentage of water also...which becomes exchanged within the atmosphere.  Therefore...water demonstrates the 'we are one' theory pretty well.

Last night water, in the form of cloud, also demonstrated another truth.  It demonstrated that what exists physically may readily become unseen.  Realities of existence may not be visible, but remain as real in their existence and their beauty as an unseen Supermoon.