Love for Christmas

Looking around me, and I don't need to look very far to see it, Christmas is having an affect.
Behind the obvious tinsel and glitter, special offers and bargains, treats and excesses, the matter of homelessness continues to flourish.  Not only is homelessness continuing to be a heart breaking reality, the number of homelessness actually increases at this time of year, for families fall out more readily when forced together over the holiday period.  Not all feel the love and the light, and it's not easy to hide such emotions when many find themselves bound into the sharing of unfamiliar social excesses.

There are many that find themselves in a 'no win' situation.  For it is the time of years when others encourage that historical 'fall out' with old Uncle Fester to become healed.  Those parted within marriage feel encouraged to share time together as parents of their shared children...or alternatively their children are encouraged to share time apart with each parent, which necessarily leaves the other alone and causes reactionary behaviours within the children themselves.  Often too, the elderly either spend Christmas alone, which causes them to feel their loneliness more deeply that at any other time of year...or they become invited into the family gatherings, to experience the noise, bustle, banter, chaos and excesses of eating that the younger folk appear to enjoy.

Those who seem to have 'got the hang of it' and actually enjoy the Christmas period, it seems to me are few and far between, and even they must feel the pinch within their credit cards.

So, it is wise to realise that virtually everyone, including yourself, are enmeshed within this seasonal period of offered life challenge and that all will be experiencing an excess of complex and often unbalanced emotions. 

At this time of year, as pressures begin to heighten all around, it is wise to remember there is no greater gift to give another than love, pure and simple unconditional love.