Appropriate behaviour

Christmas is just one time when high spirits can get out of hand.  By that I mean that people may drink a little too much, or become swept along by group energetic excitement and then, due to a sense of reduced responsibility, behave in a manner that defies logic and reason.  Intellect seems to be set aside and foolishness then takes centre stage.  Sometimes, within the heat of the moment, behaviours can become inappropriately demonstrated.

Something similar to this can happen within the séance circle when energy becomes stronger and boundaries become tested.  When door keys go missing from their usual resting place, or when items are tampered with that causes inconvenience to the owner, it is time to re-enforce the séance intent and the rules of acceptable behaviour.

Small demonstrations of objects becoming inexplicably moved, are fine when they are effected with intelligence, humour and love.  But lost keys and similar frustrations caused by the less than intelligent use of energy is another matter. 
Such issues, I feel, must be taken seriously.  As I see it, any spirit person behaving inappropriately has to be excluded from inclusion within the circle.  Just as we would exclude a sitter who behaved foolishly.  The rules must be upheld on both sides of the veil.

New circles can find themselves 'running round in circles' if appropriate controls aren't put in place.  Opening prayers defining the circle's developmental intent and the prayer defining closure whilst offering thanks for all that is becoming achieved help to keep things on track.