Simnel cake

I am feeling a little sad today. 

Eva bakes fantastic Simnel cake using an historic recipe, and her love of tradition is something she shares with every slice.   There are many myths and legends connected with the origins of simnel Cake, which is unusually both boiled and baked.  No matter the details...right now it's enough for me to say that Eva shares her enjoyment of its history and her recipe is frankly delicious!  So last year I shared some of Eva's cake with friends, who appeared to appreciate the recipe and its history as much as Eva does herself.  Judy was one of those friends.

Yesterday I saw Judy again, and felt pleased, at first, that quite early in our conversation she mentioned her fond memory of Eva's simnel cake.  She spoke with enthusiasm and then said  "...I enjoyed Eva's special cake so much that I asked my mother to bake me some.  Mum changed the recipe and left out the marzipan, but it was still delicious and she's been selling it on her market stall and sharing the recipe ever since.  She calls it Eva's cake and tells people how she became introduced to it.  She even shares some of the cakes history when she sells it.  I'm sure Eva will be pleased to hear this!"

Perhaps I'm being silly when I say that I feel sad that a cake is being credited to Eva when it is being baked by someone else, using an entirely different recipe, and it isn't simnel cake at all in fact?  Perhaps I should simply feel pleased that a cake is being shared and enjoyed by many? 
Well...I'm not...!  The information Judy shared with me packed quite a punch in fact...

Ring of Truth

When I was 18 my mum gave me a vacuum cleaner.  It had previously belonged to a friend of hers, and was kindly donated to me as I was setting up home for the first time and was living on a restricted budget.  I was grateful to have it, until it died of old age.  By then I wanted to buy a new one although, as I settled for the cheapest model I could find, the machine was far less efficient and lasted less than two years before falling apart.  Since then I've bought many cleaning appliances, and some have been far more efficient than others.
I've learned that the those of 'higher quality' are not always the best in fact, and that you don't always get what you pay for...and of course advertising can lead you astray and cause you to overlook key requirements. 

When you really want something that does a good job, you need to carry out some research and not be led off track by products that are perhaps being more widely advertised.  Contrary to popular advice I've also learned to avoid purchasing cleaners upon a friends recommendation...because although well meant, and often helpful, different people have different needs. For instance, a friend may need a cleaner that is efficient for hard floors, whilst I need one that removes pet hairs from carpets.

Mediumship is, I feel, rather like this.  There are different forms of mediumship, and different mediums work with differing efficiency.  It's an undeniable fact that what 'hits the spot' when it comes to evidential value varies a great deal from one recipient to another.  What might convince me may not convince you, and visa versa.

All this said, it saddens me that some mediums hand can hand over a dustpan and brush and claim that it's a Dyson...and somehow manage to convince people of this.  Surely what I say has a ring of truth about it?

Read all about it!

Read all about it in the papers today!
Mrs S and her beau they got blown away
By a gale that was storm force...neither saw it draw near.
Swept 'em up off their feet, made their stomachs feel queer!

High in the sky did they rise with a flare...
Tossed and turned with the wind, bits o'twigs in their hair!
They thought all was lost...Help me down! Ms S cried!
But the force was unstoppable no matter who tried!
The neighbours did point, kids looked on with  a jeer...
As they spun in the cyclone...all was lost, did they fear.
Little did they know that the gale it would rest,
Come to settle in a place, a land, that was best.
For it blew out the cobwebs and opened the hatch,
It hadn't destroyed like a fire lit by match.
New experiences for all you see is the tale
For a bit of wind does you good, when life becomes stale!

Hot and cold

I enjoyed an interesting experience last evening when in séance.  We, the regular attendees, had been sitting in support within the Lythe Spirit circle whilst enjoying evening's spiritually effected demonstrations. The red light was on at this time and the cabinet curtains open.  The medium, standing in clear view, whilst in deep trance enabled the communication of her spirit team, who invited one of the sitters to join her within the cabinet area.  They explained that the medium's physical body temperature was excessive and that the exercise ahead was to be undertaken as a method of cooling her.  The remaining sitters therefore (three of us) watched for awhile as the two (the medium and her invited supporter) stood within the cabinet.

After a few minutes, each of the remaining sitters was separately invited to stand just outside of the cabinet area, and to place a hand within.  When it was my turn, I placed my hand upon the medium's skin and felt it to be 'fizzily' warm.  By this I mean I felt her skin to be warm...I also had an awareness of a vibration, not a 'shake' or 'shiver' but something more like a 'flutter'.  I felt this 'fluttery' sensation to be just above the skin in fact...I guess it was something a bit like a heat haze?  Anyway...a few moments later I was invited to place my hand in the space between the medium and the invited supporting sitter.  Here I felt one side of my hand to be warm, and I could feel the 'fluttery' feeling upon my palm...whilst the back of my hand, nearest to the standing supporter, was cooled, as if by a slight breeze.

Others described this spiritually effected demonstration  similarly, so I reckon the physical nature of the experience to be worthy of note.


There's always crud a'gathering on the sole of every shoe.
Doesn't matter how it got there, what counts is what you do
Do you whine and grumble, do you rant or temper flare?
Do you inspect each piece and grain, or wallow 'it's not fair'
You could, you know, just take a cloth and wipe it clean away
Without a thought, without a care, for the crud has had its day.

The crud it stinks a bit
and gets right up my nose...
Bit tis crap like this
That feeds the growth
And from that comes a rose.

When it isn't what it seems...

If you stand too close your eyes you will naturally focus upon the fluffy ears, so, with restricted vision, you could become misled into believing that this snake is a rabbit. 

Stand back! You need to see the full picture! Until you can do this you will not be accessing the full range of information you need to make an accurate judgement of the character you have in front of you.  

Risks taken by the home circle...

The Lodge circle was set up over ten years ago and was first held in my garden shed, with just a few friends sitting together.  These friends were mainly well known to me and had been visiting my home socially over a number of years prior, although very soon a few new people came along to join us. 

Sitting as a group within my garden shed was one thing but, with nature being what it is, there was a requirement for me to allow them access to in-house toilet facilities. The group also met together within my home upon their arrival, and shared refreshments there before leaving.  This meant that I was effectively inviting strangers into my home and offering them the run of the place.  My husband wasn't happy about this, as within our home we left valuables lying around, as most families do. 

It wasn't very long before I also realised that, as a result of sitting for meditation and to share the intent to support spiritual healing, or encourage spiritual development I was often seated alone in either the shed or my home with a total stranger.  It also soon became apparent that those seeking spiritual healing can often demonstrate the need for emotional support.  The love-based spiritual energy itself can unfamiliarly encourage a bond to be felt between strangers.  In consequence deeply entrenched personal secrets can become shared and barriers between strangers can fall.

These described risk factors haven't 'gone away'.  The risk elements continue.  My husband and I have learned to protect our home as best we can and I use internet facilities to check the credentials of potential sitters in advance of them being invited to attend.  Most people who contact me can be traced through Facebook or a simple Google search.  Further, within a public place, I meet with most potential sitters in advance of them receiving an invitation.  That's just how it is. 

I host the Bristol Spirit Lodge circle within my own home, so I need to take precautions.  Why wouldn't I?  For, not only am I placing myself at some personal risk from someone intending to act falsely when invited into my home...I also host a Circle within which the medium works within an altered state of consciousness, sometimes even within a totally unconscious state.  If I fail to act responsibly when it comes to personal security how can I demonstrate my ability to protect those whose development I sit to support?

The upholding of the basic precautions taken to protect my home offers a foundation for the complex building blocks of care and security required by the designated developing medium.

Are you recieving me?

I was chatting amongst a group of people last evening and within the conversation one lady gave a small shudder at the thought of the potential reality of mediumship...and of physical mediumship in particular.  I asked her what she felt was 'scary' about it.
She replied that she didn't think she'd like to be sitting listening to discarnate voices.  I asked her why this was, as she was talking to me...and we were, at the time, sitting and chatting, having not known each other before this meeting.  It wasn't as if my voice was familiar to her.  Our voices were effectively 'causing' a vibration of air that affected each others ear drums.  This idea gave her food for thought...and she went on to say that she could not only hear me, but see me too.  She felt she'd be nervous, talking to people that she was unable to see.  I asked whether she felt such nervousness when speaking on the telephone.  She replied that, on the 'phone, she knows that there's a 'real person' at the other end of the line. 

She then asked why 'they' (the apparently deceased) would want to talk to us.  I replied that I feel 'they' are in fact 'like us' in more ways than simply their voices...because they lived as we now live, they remain like 'us'.  In fact I feel they are as much 'like us' as ever they were...and that not only are they like us, but we are like them.
I explained how I feel...that when we sit in séance, those 'on the other side' sit similarly...and between us we are all probably managing something like a spiritual telephone exchange...